Facilitate artistic expression by volunteering for community arts programs

The arts programs at Downeast Adaptive Youth Recreation are designed to inspire every child to explore their natural talents and interests. By donating your time or resources to our theater, music and dance programs, you'll be helping children of all ability levels show off their natural talents.

Reach out today to ask our administrators how you can get involved.

How are we helping children express themselves?

We strive to give children a well-rounded artistic experience through a range of activities, including:

Theater camps - The stage is all theirs as we turn the spotlight onto their theatrical talents.
Dance lessons - With routines catering to every ability level, each child can experience the joy of movement and self-expression.
Music lessons - Everyone has a song inside, and our music facilitators are here to help every child find their voice.

If you'd like to become an artistic facilitator, email us now.